Frequently Asked Questions About Fetal Care

August 23, 2022

fetal care

An unexpected diagnosis during your pregnancy can be a scary experience. But with a fetal care specialist, you will have expert help throughout your pregnancy. Here are a few frequently asked questions about fetal scans and diagnosis. Remember, every pregnancy is different so trust your doctor regarding your baby’s health. 

What is fetal medicine?

Fetal medicine is a branch of medicine that specializes in complete fetal care, monitoring the baby and mother’s health during the pregnancy. Fetal medicine specialists are exclusively trained to focus on high-risk pregnancies and have extensive knowledge of medical, surgical, and genetic complications that may arise during pregnancy. 

What is a fetal care center?

A fetal care center will provide a comprehensive range of prenatal testing and fetal interventions performed by well-trained and experienced medical professionals. The fetal care specialist will help plan the treatment and delivery for high-risk pregnancies. Some fetal care centers like Fetoscan also counsel parents to understand fetal complications. 

What is a high-risk pregnancy?

In a high-risk pregnancy, there is a chance of increased health risks to the mother, baby, or both. You may have an existing chronic condition. Age plays a factor in assessing the risk and conditions such as obesity and diabetes. A fetal care specialist should also monitor pregnancy with Multiple fetuses. 

How many basic scans will I need during my entire pregnancy?

  •  First-trimester screening at 3 months
  •  Anomaly scan / TIFFA at 5 month
  •  Interval growth scan at 8 months

Your fetal care doctor will recommend additional tests or scans depending on your diagnosis. 

What are the services available at Fetoscan?

  • Genetics in fetal medicine
  • Fetal scans 
  • Fetal therapeutic interventions
  • Counseling
  • Fetal diagnostic interventions
  • Down syndrome screening 

Who is the Doctor at Fetoscan?

Dr. Aparna Vijaysinh Dodia, director of FETOSCAN, holds an MBBS and MD in radio diagnosis. She is fiercely passionate about fetal care and its continued improvement. Her Centre of excellence is a testimony to her passion for fetal medicine and a platform for creating awareness of prenatal screening.

How to book an appointment with fetal care expert?

You can visit the Fetoscan website and can book your appointment by filling out a basic form. To book your appointment: call- +919979271521

Follow the Fetoscan insta page to learn more about fetal care and medicine: 

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