First trimester combined screening test

The first trimester screening (FTS) refers to the combination of fetal ultrasound examination done at 11-14 weeks and maternal blood test for Down syndrome screening. This FTS is also referred to by different names: Combined Screening Test (indicating a combination of scan and blood), NT scan test. While assessing the structural normalcy of the fetus at the 11 – 14 weeks scan, a detailed protocol checking the baby’s head, face, limbs, heart, lungs, stomach, bowel, bladder, kidneys, umbilical cord, placenta, liquor is undertaken. This protocol, followed at our centre, can reliably exclude almost all lethal malformations, and 80% of all major malformations. When the Combined Screening Test is done according to the correct standards, we will be able to

  • Identify 90% of all Down syndrome fetuses
  • Identify 80% of major physical defects in the fetus
  • Identify 90% of mothers who would later develop severe form of Pre-

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