“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants”

A legacy of commitment and dedication ignited a fervent passion for Fetal Medicine that
translated dreams into reality. Fetal Medicine has been my extraordinary passion. The
concept of ‘Life before Birth’ as well as exploring the prospects for its continued
improvement has become the driving mission of my life. It fascinates & energizes me to a
point where I’m oblivious to everything else that life has to offer or obstruct. I intend to
continue learning and implementing my knowledge and skills to help develop this hitherto
unexplored specialty of medicine.

Over-time, I intend to enable a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in Fetal Medicine, that is ‘at-par’ with
the best in the country to bring high standard clinical care affordable to the masses. This
centre, I believe should not only provide the ‘state of the art’ multi-disciplinary diagnostic
and interventional Fetal Medicine services to the society but also undertake ‘Fellowship
training’ and dissipation of skill and knowledge of Fetal Medicine to practitioners of the
medical fraternity and spread the light of knowledge.

I aim to use the same platform for creating awareness regarding the role of pre-natal
screening to patients and society at large as well as drive social initiatives aimed at providing
affordable screening and diagnosis for the underprivileged.

Overall, I aspire to be a Competent and Comprehensive Fetal Medicine specialist with a
Compassionate heart for my patients and my people with best of quality and integrity.
The journey has always been exciting, and every opportunity has been extremely rewarding.

In fact, it’s always an honor to be a part of their story….
Fetus holds the future…

In order not to deny quality care to underprivileged women and their fetuses, we have services that provide care and consultations at a lower fraction of treatment fees. If u feel that the pregnant women and the unborn fetus should not be deprived of the treatment because of financial constraints, you can help us in many ways. Contact us to learn more.

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